Jay Tours & Travels

Jay Tours & Travelís Services

  • The Leading Incentives Operator(Inbound and Outbound Destinations)
  • Incentives are the travel trend of the present and the fastest growth sector. Incentive packaging requires professionals who understand the total needs of this market. Jay Tours & Travelís has built up a reputation as specialists in this region.

    The Features of Jay Tours & Travelís Incentive Packages :

    • Inbound and Outbound Destinations.
    • Innovative Proposals for standard itineraries.
    • Creative planning and implementation of tours.
    • Leadership in terms of client profile, tour management and incentive packaging.
  • Business Meetings, Seminars, Conferences and Conventions(India & worldwide)
  • All companies need to get their key personnel, management team, supporters and top clients together on a regular basis in todays ever changing, constantly fluctuating corporate and business world. As specialists in this field, our expertise will offer you the most cost effective way to hold these meeting efficiently, creatively, smoothly and professionally. Meetings range from small discussion groups to conventions requiring the largest meeting hall in town. To date, we have organized some of the biggest conventions from India and overseas conventions. Our Corporate Meetings Team will be able too share with you our many viable options in deciding on how, where, and when to hold your next meeting.

  • Trade Fairs, Shows and Exhibitions
  • Jay Tours & Travelís is the marketing representative for a regional and worldwide trade fairs organizer. Together, we bring buyers and sellers with a common goal to showcase products and services both in Malaysia and overseas.

  • Public Relations / Marketing Projects
  • In line with our clients' demands and Jay Tours & Travelís philosophy of being totally involved in as many projects as viable with our clients, BMC Travel undertakes public relations projects to assist our clients to develop their business. These projects are an integral part of today's business environment. BMC Travel plays a supportive, participative and contributive role towards the promotion, expansion and growth of our corporate clients.

    Projects :

    • Product Launches
    • Dealer Appreciation Gala Nights
    • Annual Dinners
    • Team Building/Group Dynamics Programmes
    • Staff/Sales and Marketing Motivation
    • Family Day Sports Meets
    • Exhibition Participation

    We handle entire functions and events from scratch and can oversee the whole promotion with an entertainment and M.C. package.

  • Special Interest Packages
  • More leisure time together with greater disposable income and a robust economy has given rise to a sophisticated and demanding group of travellers. These are the ones who desire more specific tours to cater to their interests and needs.

    • Golf Tours
    • Oceans Liner Cruises
    • Shopping Trips
    • International Film Festivals
    • Cultural, Music Festivals
    • Trade Shows and Fairs
    • Gourmet Food Packages
    • Wine Tasting Groups
    • Wildlife Sanctuaries Visits
    • Pilgrimage Excursions

    Luxury Packages :

    • Wine and whisky tours.
    • Luxury Yacht Hire.
    • Castles and palaces tours.
    • Luxury Island and private villa package.
    • Ferrari and Formula 1 racing tours.
    • Hummer Experience tours.
    • Private Jets.
    • Casino Tours.

  • Ticketing and Worldwide Hotel Reservation
  • Our on-line computer system is linked to all airlines and worldwide hotel accommodation bookings. Our clients get instant confirmation for airline bookings where seats are available. Hotel reservations may be made at the same time if required. A complete package can be tailor-made incorporating tours and transportation by our tour consultants.